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Sheer Good Fortune: a documentary. Toni Morrison's visit to Va Tech, hosted by Dr. Maya Angelou, Joanne Gabbin, and Nikki Giovanni.  The literary evening, called, ‘Sheer Good Fortune: Celebrating Toni Morrison’ was held at Virginia Tech in 2012. 

design/build LAB: College of Architecture and Urban Studies students design, plan, then build structures for real world use. Project supervised by Professors Keith and Marie Zawistowski.

Technology Profile: The DreamVendor is an interactive 3D printing station for students to quickly fabricate designs for both their academic and personal projects.

Project Profile: The Solar Lumenhaus wins The American Institute of Architects’ highest prize, a 2012 AIA Honor Award. This is the first time a VA Tech team has been given this honor.

Project Profile: VTBOLT, the electric motorcycle designed by Virginia Tech College of Engineering students. Preparation for the third-round race of the North American, TTXGP eGrandPrIx competition.

Faculty Research Profile: Virginia Tech Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Mintai Kim, studies nightscape design with an emphasis on reducing light pollution. Kim looks at ecological impact of reflective surfaces near light source.

Artist Profile: Eric Standley. Vector drawings, inspired by the geometry in Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation, are painstakingly assembled from laser-cut paper, then layered to create elaborate three-dimensional works of art.

Research Profile: Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers unveil a life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish.

Student Profile: Ayan Bhandari, an industrial design major in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Tech.

2011. Grant support commercial: AWOL serves at risk youth in Savannah. Commercial served as documentation for grant seeking initiative. Won 2011 Award for Non Profit…

Student Profile: Ut Prosim - The Ultimate Hokie. 

Shot by Dan Mirolli, Edited by Mitchell Powers

2011. The Chop Shop. Cable access weekly news magazine show featuring Savannah arts non-profit working with underserved youth.